6″ Self Centering Keel Roller – Black

  • Self Centering Keel Rollers.
  • Premium Ultralene Plastic (HDPE).
  • Help centre your boat in though conditions.
  • Simply to install and use.
  • Australia wide delivery!


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Boat Trailer 6″ Self Centering Boat Trailer Keel Roller – Black

Machined from HDPE Polyethylene, Machined from a solid piece of material these rollers are built to stand the toughest of conditions and still maintain there reliability.

These plastic rollers will not split or crack unlike rubber rollers.

These rollers are ideal for use with Aluminium boats & trailers.

6″ Self Centering rollers are ideal for small to medium sized tinnys and boats with a v style hull. Help centre your boat when retrieving for a quick and easy process.


155mm x 70mm x 17mm Bore.

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 7 cm
6″ Self Centering Keel Roller – Black